Thursday, September 30, 2010


That means in only 1 month Kylar B. will be 1 year old!! This is crazy to me!!!

Baby girl is getting big. She walks around the house with her push toys! She will not walk by herself yet. But when she uses those toys, boy she sure knows what she is doing!! She can fly through the house!! Crazy girl!!

Here is what is going on in her world:
She eats 3 meals a day, 1 snack and nurses 4-6times a day. Depends on her mood!
She loves stories and book!
She likes art projects.
Every animal is Lola! Wowa! Wowa!!
Loves to give kissers.
Takes either two 30 minute naps or 1 hr long nap.
She is soooo close to walking.
She loves to play peek-a-boo and "I'm gonna get you!" but instead of running away, she crawls towards me laughing.
She has 5 teeth!! And 1 about to poke through!

She is just a bundle of energy and joy! She gets so excited and scurries to the door as soon as she hears her Daddy pull in the drive way.

As much as it makes me sad to see her grow up, I cannot wait to see what the next stage in her life brings.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The longest 45 minutes!

The past week, my sweet baby girl has been replaced with this!

She has been attacked by the horrible Tooth Monster!! Why do babies need to get attacked by the Tooth Monster in order to meet these people?

But anyway. The past week, the only way Kylar will nap is if she is in my arms! Talk about going back to bad....bad....BAD habits!! So after 3 days, I finally decided she is going to have to figure this whole sleep thing out again. Last night, we let her cry in her crib for 15 minutes, then she was out. Today for her nap was a whole other story!!

She was in her room crying for 10 minutes. I almost went in there. Then figured last night took about 15. I better wait...
10 turned to 15. Still crying....
Turned to 20. Still crying....
Turned to 25. Still crying....
Turned to 30. Quiet with sporadic screaming for a few minutes.
Turned to 40. More quietly whining.
Turned to 45....

She finally fell asleep!! Poor sweet little girl!! Hopefully these 4 teeth will come in soon! I know she hates this more than me!
I love you, Kylar B. But please, PLEASE learn to go to sleep on your own again!!! Remember...

You used to be such a good sleeper!