Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ever growing belly

Just a quick update on the belly.

Here is the picture that was taken 5/2:

And this was taking 5/25:

The baby has officially taken over my belly :)

Next week will be the half way mark! Then a week later we find out the gender! We can not wait!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby on the way!

Like any mother to be, I want to be ready for when my Little Ones joins us. That is very hard to do when we do not know the gender of the baby. But I am trying to be prepared for when we find out that wonderful news.
Here is what we have so far! Majority is stuff we just picked out, but are planning on getting.

The crib:This crib is from Target. It is a little more plain than I would pick if we had unlimited funds. But, there is not really such a thing as unlimited funds "now a days". The color will be determined by the final choice in bedding.

Speaking of bedding. Here are the top choices we have for bedding.
I think it is pretty self explanatory which is for the girl and which is for the boy.

And this was our original idea for the girls room:

And the original curtain rod for the boy:

And now the stuff I have actually purchased! The only thing I have actually purchased has been clothes. Just a few onesies that are gender friendly.

When I have more news, I will post more. But as of now we are just waiting til 6/12 to find out the sex! And we are telling the names to my family 6/6, so after we tell them, I will blog about that as well.

Mine This Bird, Randall

As many of you know, the Kentucky Derby was a few weeks ago. And living in Louisville, the town is crazy when Derby comes around. The town does from being laid back to packed full. I am not going to get into much detail about it. The main thing I want to talk about is the Kentucky Derby winning horse, Mine That Bird.

Saturday we headed to Randy's parents to spend the first half of the day over there and place some bets. And I have a very specific strategy I go by when it comes to picking horses. Randy is all about the numbers. He looks at the stats, races won, turf, slop, etc. I, on the other hand, go by the following, in order:
1. Horses name
2. Color of the jockey's silks
3. Odds
A lot of people would think that Randy's way of picking the horses was "better". Well, experience will tell you different. Randy has lived in Louisville his whole life, and betting on horses during Derby for the greater part of that life. I have been betting on horses the past 2 Derby's. And ya know? I kick Randy's butt when it comes to betting on the horses!! I do not bet big, but I apparently bet smart!! There are only a few races that I have not won any money on. Majority of the time, I end up breaking even. On Derby, I made back a lot of the money Randall lost!

The horses I picked for the Derby race were Freisan Fire, Pioneer of the Nile, Chocolate Candy and of course, MINE THAT BIRD! My reasoning was Freisan Fire and Pioneer had neat silks and good odds; Chocolate Candy, I am a woman, need I say more; And last Mine That Bird. I had a feeling about Mine That Bird. I thought the name was cute. But more importantly, Randy pissed me off the night before, so I kept flipping him my bird and telling him to "Mine THIS Bird". At that point, I was teetering back and forth about placing a bet on this horse. Then I noticed the horse was at post 8. If you know horse racing, you know that post eight is pink. That sealed the deal. I was a little nervous placing a large bet on a horse with 50-1 odds. I decided to place the typical "Burns family bet", $2 to show. Little did I know that was a thousand dollar mistake!!!

Later that evening Mine That Bird and all the other Derby contenders lined up to post. The race starts. Mine That Bird was behind right out of the gate. Oh well, $2 lost. No biggie. Half way through the race Mine That Bird is making a come back. He is in the middle of the pack. All the horses are clumped together. Jockey Calvin Borel sneaks Mine That Bird into a between the wall and a horse, no wider than the horse itself. Mine That Bird breaks through and is in the lead! I am screaming, "That's MY horse!! That's MY horse!!" Mine That Bird wins the Kentucky Derby. Talk about a long shot!! 50-1 ODDS!!!
Well, I only won $26 bucks off that race. I also won a bit off of Pioneer. If I would have been smarter with my betting, I could have won thousands of dollars from doing an Exacta Box with Pioneer and Mine That Bird. Lesson learned, don't bet THAT small! Or so I thought. Mine This Bird Randy for making me think I needed to bet small!!

Fast forward to the Preakness this past weekend. Randy calls his dad to place our bets for the next big race. I wanted Mine That Bird across the board and Big Drama to show. A $8 bet. Randy places my bet. Right before the race. I call Randy to make sure he bet Big Drama. He said yes, he bet Rachael Alexandra and Big Drama across the board! WHAT!!!! That was not my pick! I wanted to stick with my gut! Stick with MY horse!! Stick with the Bird!! I told Randy, that if MY horse places at all, he owes me a pedicure. I was so mad!! How could he not place money on MY horse. The race starts. Mine That Bird is in the back of the pack again. Oh well. No loss! I didn't have a bet on him anyway. Son of a gun!! All of a sudden he is in the middle of the pack. Then right behind favored horse Rachael Alexandra!! MY horse comes in second!!! RANDALL!!!

Lesson from Mine That Bird!!! Go with your gut and bet a little bigger. If you lose a few, oh well. BUT, you could also win a lot!!
Oh and one more thing,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mallorey & Randy + 1

The 1 in this title represents our son/daughter that will be joining our family in October/November of this year! Mal and I have been so excited ever since we heard the news she posted in the blog before this one. I must say the experience at the doctor's office that day was not only unexpected, but a time for tears. As she said, the nurse had to bring ME the box of tissues! I was by no means ashamed to let it all out.

I did my very best to comfort Mallorey that afternoon as I held her hand before the ultrasound. After what the doctor had told us the possible things that could be wrong, we were both worried and very nervous. Thankfully, something we anticipated to be very grave turned out to be something very special...A BABY! Looking at the ultrasound monitor and then turning to see Mal's face are images that I'll never forget. Seeing our baby's heartbeat was overwhelming. Aside from marrying her, this is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. I've always wanted children, and I can't think of a better woman to raise a family with. Of course I would like to have a boy (I mean what Dad doesn't want their first-born to be a boy??). But regardless of gender, all I really care about is complete healthiness for Mallorey and our baby throughout pregnancy and as a newborn.

I'm grateful that Mal has yet to really have any morning sickness. I've heard some women say that it's one of the roughest times in their lives and that it lasts usually non-stop for weeks. That's something I certainly do not want to have to see Mal go through. Although I know it's part of pregnancy, I'm still thankful that she has been lucky so far.

Over the past few weeks it has been fun to look at the baby clothes as we walk through stores in the mall. Even though we are normally buying for either her or myself, we tend to always look in the baby aisles to get some great ideas for clothes, toys and other essentials. In fact, we've already purchased 5 uni-sex baby outfits since we don't know the gender yet! Two of these are Christmas outfits and the baby will only be about 1-2 months old for their first holiday season. I wish I could say the other 3 outfits are purple and yellow Minnesota Vikings outfits, but I'd be lying if I told you that :( The others are very cute though and I can't wait to see what they look like on our baby. Mallorey is doing a fantastic job of keeping an eye out for baby clothes and she loves doing it. Even though she tends to reach for the girls dresses first, she is pretty fair about picking uni-sex clothes at this moment in time. We've already discussed and made the decision that when we find out the gender of our baby in mid-June, I'm handing her the checkbook and letting her go wild on a shopping spree for baby clothes. I figure if she makes me look good, why can't she make the little one fashionable :) Finding out the sex of the baby can't come any sooner. We are both so anxious!!

On a side note, Mallorey and I spent the better part of 20 minutes trying to figure out how her Mother-to-be's Day present worked. I surprised her by buying a pregnancy pillow from Babies-R-Us. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with how this looks, it's a cyclinder-shaped pillow that is formed like the letter C. Some people say a picture says a thousand words, but the illustration on the front of the package didn't do Mal much justice. I assisted her in flipping the long pillow back and forth as she tried to get as comfortable as possible. The goal of the pregnancy pillow was to align her spine so that it will relieve the stress on her back and give her a better night's sleep. And, in a few months, it should provide support for her growing tummy as it can rest on the pillow. Another reason why I got this is because not only had she pointed it out to me before, but, it also serves as a small bed for the baby and a cushion seat for when they become a toddler! I think it will end up being money well spent once she breaks it in for a few nights. Wait a sec...I think I can hear her snoozing away in the bedroom as I'm typing this...it really works!!!

Finally, our next doctor's appointment is on Friday May 15th and I'm confident that everything will go smoothly. I was hoping for another ultrasound, but her doctor has recommended that we wait until mid-June in which we'll find out the sex of the baby at that time. Turns out Mallorey is going to have a little bit of fun at my expense once that day comes. She's going to find out the gender without me knowing and then surprise me a few days later on my birthday which is also Father's Day on June 21st. She's so sneaky! But I love her and I will play along. I only hope I have enough fingernails left after gnawing on them for more than a month! GOLLY!

It's going to be a great day once the baby is born and I think so far both of our families are very excited for us!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Young Lady.....

You're pregnant!!

Those were the words we heard 3/31 during an ultrasound to check if I even had viable eggs in my ovaries. This may seem weird to some, but let me explain.

I skipped my period in January, took a test, nothing. Come February, still no period. I talked to my doctor, told her I wasn't pregnant, but have not gotten my period. Stressed about it now. Come March, still no period. Talk to my doctor again and she refers me to an endocrinologist! It was either go 4 days before the wedding or wait until the end of May. I decided, crap, if there is something wrong with me, I would rather know now as opposed to later. So on 3/31, Randy and I head to the doctor. We go in for a "consultation" and he is telling us all these things that "could be" wrong. He starts with small difficulties, such as no lining in my uterus, to no eggs and early menopause. Then, he throws in the big guns. It could be cancer on my brain!! WTF!!! A missed period and now I am thinking I have a brain tumor and can never have babies! Right before the appointment was about to end, Mr. Endo decides he wants to do an ultra sound. That is when I broke down. We go into this small exam room and I just start crying to my soon to be husband. I was freaking out! Just a few short minutes later, which felt like forever at the time, we heard the best news ever.
"Young Lady...You're Pregnant!"

That ultrasound pic is actually from the follow up appointment we had 4/17. We are due 11/5, but I am thinking it will be sooner. It just seems weird that I "skipped" January. I have never skipped a period. I think the baby will be born in October!
We do not know the sex yet. We will find that out mid-June! And once we let family know, we will let the whole world know!

Here is a picture of my family when we told them we were pregnant. Mind you, this was at like 2 in the morning when they just got in from Chicago for the wedding!

And this is a picture of my "baby bump". I think I am actually starting to look pregnant! This was taken 5/2 at about 14 weeks! (Shay has been "encouraging" me to post this pic for weeks!)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Honeymoon Cliffnotes!!

I promised I would blog about the wedding, but as someone reminded me, almost everyone was already there. So why recap everything.
But I will give my "view" of the day.
Other than being a little rushed and stress, everything went great. Surprising my dad with bagpipes didn't work as well as planned. He saw her get to the chapel. And the DJ sucked.
And, those are the only 2 main things I remember going not as planned.
All in all, it was a great day. I was full of tears all day! Happy tears. Randy looked so handsome. I am so happy to be his wife!

On to the honeymoon! Pictures will be on our shutterfly page by tonight! I would add some here, but I am at work! Sorry!

Sunday: Got to the resort after a long day of traveling. Went to the room, took some pictures then changed clothes. Headed to the beach and walked in the water a little bit. Then we decided to have a dinner and wander a bit.

Monday: Woke up early and headed to breakfast. We wanted to get a spot at the pool, but the chairs were all taken. So, we headed to the beach. The waves were so big, but we decided to go in the water anyways. After a couple hours of playing in the water and laying in the sun, we were ready for lunch. We were excited because there were two pool chairs available. We set our towels down and went to the other side of the pool for lunch. When we finished lunch, we looked over and someone stole our towels!!! We were so mad! To replace your "towel cards" you have to spend $15 a piece!! We said eff it. We headed back up to the room to take a nap. So we thought. As soon as we get up there, I get violently ill. It was horrible! I have never been in so much pain in my life. Even a sip of water would come right back up. I ended up taking a nap in the bathtub!
The rest of that night was kind of a blur.

Tuesday: We decided since our towels were stolen, we would head to town and check out the flea markets. We left right after breakfast. We walked around and did a lot of bargaining. It was right up my alley. Randy pretty much just let me so my thing. We had lunch at this little taco shop in the middle of the shops. 3 tacos, 2 beers, a bottle of water and a soda was only $8 with tip! And they were damn good tacos!! We headed back to the resort mid afternoon. And we probably took a nap. I was all about taking naps! Later that night, on the way to dinner. We decided to do a sneak attack on 2 un-expecting, un-attended towels. Hell if we were going to spend $30 replacing towels that cost them less than $5!! Was it the nicest thing for us to do? NO. But would we do it again if someone else stole our towels? YEP!!! So, oh well. Do onto others as you were done upon!! Isn't that how it goes? :)

Wednesday: We took a day trip to Isla Mujueres. It was a lot of fun. It is a small island off the cost of Cancun. The boat ride there was about 45 minutes. Once we got there, we got to sign up for additional activities. We decided to take a boat ride to see fish and go on a "exploration walk". the boat ride was neat. The water was so sparkly blue and we could see the sand and fish perfectly. There were also a lot of pelicans. One the walk, we went to an aquarium and saw sea turtles. They showed us a bunch of different types of sea turtles and told us what they were used for as to why they are endangered. We even got to hold little turtles! Then the "tour boat" takes us to another side of the island where we just took advantage of the cheap shopping and bargaining.
We headed back to the hotel so I could......take a nap!!!!!! I do not remember what we did that night. I think there may have been a Mexican show at the pool.

Thursday: With our new towels, we headed down to the pool super early and FINALLY got spots at the pool. We sat and enjoyed the pool all day. We headed down to the ocean for a little bit, but the waves were just too strong. That night we headed to Lorenzillos for lobster dinner! This restaurant was really neat. There was a pirate names Lorenzillo that went to a mainland bc he was tired of nasty fish and wanted a real meal. Unfortunately, nobody had a meal that was decent enough for his liking. Him and his crew were so mad they destroyed the whole town. To prevent future occurrences, the town built a new restaurant on the shore to feed the pirates a decent meal. And that is what this restaurant is named after. The lobster was great!! We picked our own lobsters out of a little boat and about 30 minutes later, they were on our plate! The worst part was, this "tween" boy said, "Yep, you're gonna die" to the lobster and our serving walked by with our lobsters in a bucket! Delicious!!!

Friday: We relaxed and stayed by the pool/beach all day. Took naps, then had the best dinner at the resort. We picked our sides and headed back to our table and started munching away. Then the servers came by with chicken. Then a little later they came by with sausage. Then turkey, pork loin, fillet mignon, and roast beef!! It was delicious and very filling!! We took one final walk on the beach before we headed to bed for our last night in Cancun!

Saturday: Flew back to Kentucky!!

It was so much fun. I loved spending time with just me and my husband!! It was a perfect end to our perfect wedding and a great way to start our live together!!

And for all that my friends that said, go make a honeymoon baby! Sorry! There is no honeymoon baby!