Monday, May 4, 2009

Honeymoon Cliffnotes!!

I promised I would blog about the wedding, but as someone reminded me, almost everyone was already there. So why recap everything.
But I will give my "view" of the day.
Other than being a little rushed and stress, everything went great. Surprising my dad with bagpipes didn't work as well as planned. He saw her get to the chapel. And the DJ sucked.
And, those are the only 2 main things I remember going not as planned.
All in all, it was a great day. I was full of tears all day! Happy tears. Randy looked so handsome. I am so happy to be his wife!

On to the honeymoon! Pictures will be on our shutterfly page by tonight! I would add some here, but I am at work! Sorry!

Sunday: Got to the resort after a long day of traveling. Went to the room, took some pictures then changed clothes. Headed to the beach and walked in the water a little bit. Then we decided to have a dinner and wander a bit.

Monday: Woke up early and headed to breakfast. We wanted to get a spot at the pool, but the chairs were all taken. So, we headed to the beach. The waves were so big, but we decided to go in the water anyways. After a couple hours of playing in the water and laying in the sun, we were ready for lunch. We were excited because there were two pool chairs available. We set our towels down and went to the other side of the pool for lunch. When we finished lunch, we looked over and someone stole our towels!!! We were so mad! To replace your "towel cards" you have to spend $15 a piece!! We said eff it. We headed back up to the room to take a nap. So we thought. As soon as we get up there, I get violently ill. It was horrible! I have never been in so much pain in my life. Even a sip of water would come right back up. I ended up taking a nap in the bathtub!
The rest of that night was kind of a blur.

Tuesday: We decided since our towels were stolen, we would head to town and check out the flea markets. We left right after breakfast. We walked around and did a lot of bargaining. It was right up my alley. Randy pretty much just let me so my thing. We had lunch at this little taco shop in the middle of the shops. 3 tacos, 2 beers, a bottle of water and a soda was only $8 with tip! And they were damn good tacos!! We headed back to the resort mid afternoon. And we probably took a nap. I was all about taking naps! Later that night, on the way to dinner. We decided to do a sneak attack on 2 un-expecting, un-attended towels. Hell if we were going to spend $30 replacing towels that cost them less than $5!! Was it the nicest thing for us to do? NO. But would we do it again if someone else stole our towels? YEP!!! So, oh well. Do onto others as you were done upon!! Isn't that how it goes? :)

Wednesday: We took a day trip to Isla Mujueres. It was a lot of fun. It is a small island off the cost of Cancun. The boat ride there was about 45 minutes. Once we got there, we got to sign up for additional activities. We decided to take a boat ride to see fish and go on a "exploration walk". the boat ride was neat. The water was so sparkly blue and we could see the sand and fish perfectly. There were also a lot of pelicans. One the walk, we went to an aquarium and saw sea turtles. They showed us a bunch of different types of sea turtles and told us what they were used for as to why they are endangered. We even got to hold little turtles! Then the "tour boat" takes us to another side of the island where we just took advantage of the cheap shopping and bargaining.
We headed back to the hotel so I could......take a nap!!!!!! I do not remember what we did that night. I think there may have been a Mexican show at the pool.

Thursday: With our new towels, we headed down to the pool super early and FINALLY got spots at the pool. We sat and enjoyed the pool all day. We headed down to the ocean for a little bit, but the waves were just too strong. That night we headed to Lorenzillos for lobster dinner! This restaurant was really neat. There was a pirate names Lorenzillo that went to a mainland bc he was tired of nasty fish and wanted a real meal. Unfortunately, nobody had a meal that was decent enough for his liking. Him and his crew were so mad they destroyed the whole town. To prevent future occurrences, the town built a new restaurant on the shore to feed the pirates a decent meal. And that is what this restaurant is named after. The lobster was great!! We picked our own lobsters out of a little boat and about 30 minutes later, they were on our plate! The worst part was, this "tween" boy said, "Yep, you're gonna die" to the lobster and our serving walked by with our lobsters in a bucket! Delicious!!!

Friday: We relaxed and stayed by the pool/beach all day. Took naps, then had the best dinner at the resort. We picked our sides and headed back to our table and started munching away. Then the servers came by with chicken. Then a little later they came by with sausage. Then turkey, pork loin, fillet mignon, and roast beef!! It was delicious and very filling!! We took one final walk on the beach before we headed to bed for our last night in Cancun!

Saturday: Flew back to Kentucky!!

It was so much fun. I loved spending time with just me and my husband!! It was a perfect end to our perfect wedding and a great way to start our live together!!

And for all that my friends that said, go make a honeymoon baby! Sorry! There is no honeymoon baby!

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