Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Young Lady.....

You're pregnant!!

Those were the words we heard 3/31 during an ultrasound to check if I even had viable eggs in my ovaries. This may seem weird to some, but let me explain.

I skipped my period in January, took a test, nothing. Come February, still no period. I talked to my doctor, told her I wasn't pregnant, but have not gotten my period. Stressed about it now. Come March, still no period. Talk to my doctor again and she refers me to an endocrinologist! It was either go 4 days before the wedding or wait until the end of May. I decided, crap, if there is something wrong with me, I would rather know now as opposed to later. So on 3/31, Randy and I head to the doctor. We go in for a "consultation" and he is telling us all these things that "could be" wrong. He starts with small difficulties, such as no lining in my uterus, to no eggs and early menopause. Then, he throws in the big guns. It could be cancer on my brain!! WTF!!! A missed period and now I am thinking I have a brain tumor and can never have babies! Right before the appointment was about to end, Mr. Endo decides he wants to do an ultra sound. That is when I broke down. We go into this small exam room and I just start crying to my soon to be husband. I was freaking out! Just a few short minutes later, which felt like forever at the time, we heard the best news ever.
"Young Lady...You're Pregnant!"

That ultrasound pic is actually from the follow up appointment we had 4/17. We are due 11/5, but I am thinking it will be sooner. It just seems weird that I "skipped" January. I have never skipped a period. I think the baby will be born in October!
We do not know the sex yet. We will find that out mid-June! And once we let family know, we will let the whole world know!

Here is a picture of my family when we told them we were pregnant. Mind you, this was at like 2 in the morning when they just got in from Chicago for the wedding!

And this is a picture of my "baby bump". I think I am actually starting to look pregnant! This was taken 5/2 at about 14 weeks! (Shay has been "encouraging" me to post this pic for weeks!)

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Mrs. Grant said...

YAY finally a baby bump!!! Woooo Congrats momma!