Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby on the way!

Like any mother to be, I want to be ready for when my Little Ones joins us. That is very hard to do when we do not know the gender of the baby. But I am trying to be prepared for when we find out that wonderful news.
Here is what we have so far! Majority is stuff we just picked out, but are planning on getting.

The crib:This crib is from Target. It is a little more plain than I would pick if we had unlimited funds. But, there is not really such a thing as unlimited funds "now a days". The color will be determined by the final choice in bedding.

Speaking of bedding. Here are the top choices we have for bedding.
I think it is pretty self explanatory which is for the girl and which is for the boy.

And this was our original idea for the girls room:

And the original curtain rod for the boy:

And now the stuff I have actually purchased! The only thing I have actually purchased has been clothes. Just a few onesies that are gender friendly.

When I have more news, I will post more. But as of now we are just waiting til 6/12 to find out the sex! And we are telling the names to my family 6/6, so after we tell them, I will blog about that as well.

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