Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day!

It is now official. We are in April! 3 days til the big wedding day!!
Not much is left to do. There are been a few little mishaps, but nothing major.
Collin is flying as I type. And Mom, Dad, Marin, and Grama are driving in later this afternoon.

I cannot believe it is finally here! It seems like the time flew by fast, but at the same time dragged by. I am finally going to marry the man that I love. All the planning and saving will finally pay off. Then we will be celebrating with a week in Cancun just the two of us.

I just also wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone that has helped me with everything. From my family to my new family. Everyone has been so helpful. And I know nothing I can say will ever let them know how grateful Randy and I both are for everyone's help, advice and support.

Well, I am off to run some errands. Hope to see everyone on Saturday at the wedding!


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