Thursday, December 30, 2010

14 months!!! What!?!?!?!

First of, I have been a super slacker when it comes to blogging!!! I will TRY and get better at this! Try is the key word!

Kylar B is 14 months today!! Can you believe it?? I sure cannot!!

Here is what is new with the little girl!!
Kylar got a new pediatrician. We were just not happy with her original doctor. He was very concerned about her size and was trying to get me to wean her before she was even a year. So that was the icing on top of the cake. We decided to switch to a pediatrician that shares more of our beliefs. Such as extended breast feeding and a doctor who doesn't rely on antibiotics. I think we needed a more "crunchy" doctor, for lack of better terms. My mom had suggested a while ago to look into finding a holistic doctor. And after a little research, we found one. And we are very happy with her.

At her last appointment, which was her year check up, Kylar was in the less then 3% for height and weight and less than 5% for head. She is a peanut! And her doctor is not the least bit worried. She can tell Kylar is healthy, just petite! Hopefully she will stay that way.  She probably weighs about 17-18lbs now. She is just little. Nothing wrong with that!! Someone has to be the little one!! It just means she will be the one thrown up in the air if she decides she wants to be a cheerleader!
She is in a size 3 or 4 shoe. Depends on the shoe really. And clothes, she is in anything from 9 month up to 18month (usually caused by her fluffy butt).She wears cloth diapers, but when she is in disposable diapers, she is in a 3 (barely).

Kylar is still nursing 3x a day (morning, mid day, and before bed). She also eats 3 meals a day, plus a snack. And she usually has 2 sippy cups of milk and water through out the day! She is a piggy!! She eats pretty much anything. She loves fruit, pasta, goldfish, hotdogs, oatmeal and anything as long as you put ketchup, bbq sauce or pasta sauce on it. Her favorite might be Pizza Fridays though! She will eat anything on pizza!

Little girl likes her sleep!! She sleeps from 9:30-9:30. And naps from 1:30-3. Like clockwork. But, she is flexible if I ask her nicely to be! If we are out, she will usually be okay til about 2-2:30ish. Then she gets crabby. Our nap routine is she nurses, gets a story and rocks, then she goes in her crib and either goes right to bed or plays then falls asleep. After nap, she is super crabby and needs to hold on to pink bear and snuggle on the couch for a bit. I wonder where she gets that from??? 
Night time routine is just as simple. She gets a bath, lotion, and vitamins. Then she nurses, gets her teeth brushed and gets a story. Then her Daddy and her rock and say a prayer. Then we both give her kisses and lay her down. Lately she has been listening to the prettiest lullaby c.d. by Jewel (Thanks Grammie and Bumpy)!

Kylar started walking at the beginning of the month. And then all of a sudden she walks like a pro!! No need for assistance or anything!! Not even arms our to keep her balance!! She is started to attempt to run! Silly girl.
She recognizes most of her toys by name, even brand new toys. And she says yeah, mama, dada, cat, lola, up and hi. She waves hi and bye. Blows kisses. Nods yes and no and understands what they mean. She can sign milk, more, all done, please and just recently learned thank you.

Kylar is still in gym class and goes to story time. Both are on winter break right now though, but will start up again next week. We are also going to take Mommy and Me yoga class with Benjamin and his Mommy!
She loves to play with dolls and already has a love for the Disney Princesses!! She is starting to get into her crafty side, like her Mommy!! She colors with markers and will try crayons soon too. One of her favorite things to play with right now are her magnets! Santa brought her some magnets and she loves to take them on and off the fridge!

And for your viewing pleasure!

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sara said...

Oh, my baby girl is 14 months and only weighs 18 lbs, too. She measures 0% in weight according to the doc.