Friday, August 7, 2009

Different Ultrasound, Same Results

If the early signs of stubbornness that we have seen from Kylar thus far continue well after her birth, Mal and I have much to look forward to. Another ultrasound was performed this morning to get a better look at her facial features and her diaphragm to make sure everything looks normal. Unfortunately, Kylar decided to play the same games she has been playing since before we found out she was going to be a girl. In fact, this time, not only was she in her normal breech position, her hands and arms appeared as though they hadn't moved from a month ago. They were still crossed over her face so nearly nothing could be seen. And yet again the ultrasound technician gave up. Her words sounded as if "I remember seeing this baby before...I might as well stop now and not waste my time!" Of course Mal and I laughed in frustration at the end of the ultrasound appointment. But in all seriousness, there has got to be something we can do to get her to cooperate, right?

Just the other night, after reading Kylar a baby book before bed, I placed my ear to the bottom of Mal's tummy and talked to my unborn baby girl to see if I could get her to kick. And wouldn't you know it, she booted me in the head about a half-dozen times within about five minutes! My point is, if I can get her to do the things I want by just relaxing her with reading followed by talking to her, shouldn't this technique work all of the time? Oh well, who knows. Perhaps Kylar is acting the way she does because she can actually differentiate her environment from being at home versus being at the doctor's office :)

On a positive note, all of Mal's other checkups (27 weeks and 3 days along) went well. Despite a giant sized needle being shoved into her backside for the rogram shot. Yeeeeeeeeoouuuch!! Our doctor answered all of our questions and our next appointment is scheduled for two weeks from today on August 21st.

If Kylar is still in her breech position at week 36, even after the doctor performs a version attempt of trying to flip her upside down from the outside at week 34, Mal will be required to undergo a C-Section. This is something we both DO NOT want. If that's the way things turn out, then so be it. But we'd rather not have to deal with surgery and the after effects and would prefer to get into our routine once Kylar is at home with us.

So listen up Kylar! Listen closely to your Daddy! You may never hear these words ever again so pay very close attention and take full advantage of what I'm about to say: "IT'S TIME TO FLIP OUT!!!!!!"

We'll keep everyone posted.

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