Thursday, December 31, 2009

2 months!!!! What?!?!

I guess I am interrupting Randy's series of posts about Kylar's birth. But oh well. He was taking too long to finish it! :)

The past 2 months have flown by! Kylar seems like a completely different baby!! And she looks like a completely different baby as well!!
As you can see...


Her neck is strong, she is "dealing" with tummy time, sleeps through the night and she even smiles!!

A little blurry, it's from my phone.

Randy and I have done a lot of changing and growing the last few months as well. We went from a 2 person 2 dog family, to a 3 person 2 dog family. We went from husband and wife to mommy and daddy, while still trying to remain husband and wife. And that has been our biggest challenge. It is hard to make time for us when we are so consumed with our beautiful baby girl. But we are both confident that we will be back to going on dates and having "normal" meals together. We were able to pack Kylar up and head to the movies Thanksgiving weekend though. We went to see Old Dogs. We typically do not see movies like this in the theater, but it was the shortest movie being shown. She did great. She slept the whole time. I am not sure we will be able to do that again since she is more alert, but the one time we did, it was a very nice treat. We are also able to go out to eat with her and she behaves great.....usually!!
Nothing else too different going on. We are trying to get a better night-time routine down, but it is hard. Right now she goes to bed at 1ish. Our goal is between 9 and 11. The past few nights have been rough, she is just NOT ready for bed. But I am confident that we will be able to make it work. We have gotten though all the other obstacles!! But, if anyone has any tips, we are more than willing to try them!!
Here is one last pic of our little lady! I am adding more pictures to shutterfly, so check them out!

Not the best pic, but check out those neck muscles!!

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LeAnne said...

Awww she is SUCH a cutie. What an adorable little girl. I really hope for your sanity's sake that she starts going to bed earlier. I know you two must be totally exhausted!