Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top Dog! Dollar Dog!

We just realized we never posted about how Kylar did with her first year of Derby Day horse betting!! So, here it is!

Of course she did not have the money yet to place her own bets, so we made a deal with her. She had to pick the horses and we would pay for her bets and she would get whatever winnings she got. She didn't even have to pay us back the cost of her original bets. Lucky girl!! So we stayed up a little late the Friday before Derby picking out all our picks for the following day.

We headed over to Bill and Evelyn's for a small Derby get together! Kylar was, of course, dressed to impressed!!

 We placed all our bets for the day. Kylar had a fairly good day. She even picked a horse that won her $15! On one pick!! All in all, she came out with $35!!

We decided to take her winning to the bank and open up Dollar Dog account for her. She got a certificate, pencil, coin collection folder and even a stuffed Dollar Dog!!

Little girl certainly came out ahead on Derby Day!!

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