Sunday, August 22, 2010

Amazingly Green

 Ever since I have known Randy, he has talked about "going green". We have done a few things through the years to greenify our lives. We have gotten rid of most paper kitchen products, chemicals, we recycle like no other, and we re-use as much as we can. We have even been starting to buy more local foods.

Since this little bitty came along, we have tried even harder to eliminate our carbon foot print as much as possible. We make our own wipes, cloth diaper and try to feed her as much local organic food as we can. We do occasionally buy jarred organic baby food (mainly when we are going to be out for dinner or traveling), but I primarily make it all or feed her what we are eating. And I will be re-purposing all her used jars soon.

Our next stop on "Project Go-Green" is to start a compost pile. The hardest part about starting this, is getting over our cheapness and buying a bin. Once we suck it up, we will be ready to go. We have to do it soon. Considering fall is approaching and we can use the leaves to start our pile. And we already have a small compost bin for the kitchen to throw fruit, veggies and egg shells in. Once that gets full, we will need a place to put it.

But, the main reason I decided to write about going green is because today, Randy was like a kid in a candy shop in the local store, Amazingly Green Planet. This week, Amazingly Green ran an ad on LivingSocial. Which is very similar to Groupon. The special was for $12 you get $30 worth of merchandise. Normally, when I buy extra stuff, I like to run it past Randy. Not this time!! I wanted to buy this and surprise him that night. He was very excited! We had to run a few errands this morning, so we decided to add a trip to Amazingly Green Planet onto the agenda. We got there and Randy was looking at EVERYTHING!! Composters, cleaning products, kitchen products, skin products, toys, diapers, candles, incense, you name it!! He kept having me look at stuff. I had to keep reminding him that this was for HIM. In the end, he decided on some reusable bags for his lunches (Guitars and penguins :) Him and Kylar have a special thing for penguins!) and the kitchen compost thing I mentioned above. I just wish I would have bought more than one special!!  Randy could have spend all our money there! He was so cute!! Seeing him so excited made me fall in love with him a little more.
 Kylar and her Daddy bonding over penguins (hence the penguin baggie)!


Mrs. Grant said...

you have a giant backyard you don't have to have a bin right?

Darci said...

Mal - We were also not pleased with the price of compost bins, so Clinton read online that you can do the same thing with two jumbo plastic garbage cans with lids. You have to drill a few holes on the top of the lids, and it's best if you have two cans, so one can be used to put on your garden, while you throw the new food waste in the second can. Next season you'd switch. This is MUCH cheaper and has been working well for us!

Darci said...

Haha, apparently I missed a few tips! You should also drill holes on the sides and the bottom, to help drain. The compost is "chunky", so nothing comes out the holes that shouldn't! C also recommends buying a pitch fork to churn the compost occasionally.