Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Farmer's Market!!


For the past couple weeks we have been going to the St. Matthew's Farmer's Market. Despite the hot weather, we have really enjoyed it.

We do not really get much while we are there. Mainly peaches and green tomatoes. The peaches are soooo good. The juice just explodes in your mouth when you take a bite!! Yum!

This week we decided to get some flowers for the house. They had the biggest, prettiest sunflowers. And what I thought were cattails, were actually a purple majesty. I think Kylar liked the flowers too.

They have a local musician playing at the market as well. Randy kept making comments about the songs. So he and Kylar decided to check him out a little closer.

 His name is Justin Lewis. He played a lot of cover songs, but he also has a few of his own. 
Kylar was mesmerized by him. She couldn't stop staring!!

They liked him so much, they decided to give him a little tip!

It was a great day at the Farmer's Market! We have been enjoying fresh peaches and baked green tomatoes all week!! And some beautiful flowers on the kitchen table!!


Mrs. Grant said...

Super cute!! Love all the pics!! Maybe we can join you one week! XoXo

Mallorey said...

It will have to be next spring!! They are done for the year. Last weekend was the last one for the season.