Monday, September 7, 2009

The day of the swollen feet!

Last Thursday, I came home from work and my feet were sooooo swollen. Actually, not even when I got home, before I left work it felt like my flip flops were digging into my feet! It was one of the most uncomfortable things of pregnancy to date! Randy and I had dinner and then he kept encouraging me to put my feet up. He stacked some pillows up on the couch and made me sit and relax. He even wiped my feet down with a wet wipe and MY GOSH! That felt good. I had read some "tricks" on to relieve the discomfort from swollen feet. Some of them were obvious, like elevating your legs, take off your shoes, etc. But there were a few bizarre suggestions that would take a lot of money to get me to try. One was stick your feet, one at a time, into the toilet and flush it. thanks! This person said it was like a cold whirlpool for your feet and feels "so good". No. Thank. You. Randy just wiped my feet and that alone felt heavenly! No need for a toilet bath! Thank goodness for sweet husbands!
This is what my feet looked like. If you have never seen my feet, you should know that they are normally pretty skinny. I think it was a trait both my sister and I got from our mom!! They are very boney! But not in these pictures! Ignore the toes in need of a polish change! And YES!!! That is the Soap Net on in the background and it definitely IS 90210!!
Aside from the swollen feet, nothing new. We had a doctor appointment on Friday. Kylar is measuring right on schedule and my doctor was very impressed with my blood sugar numbers. She asked about a version if she is still breech. We told her we did not think we wanted to do one. She said since that is the case, she is going to push our ultrasound back from 34 weeks to 36 weeks! Dang. We should have said we were undecided so we could see her sooner!! Our next appointment is on 9/18, which will be 33 weeks! 7 weeks before we will have a baby. And that will just be a quick checkup.
I am heading up to Chicago this weekend for a Baby Brunch my mom and sister are throwing for me! I cannot wait. That 5+ hour drive is miserable, so we decided instead of me driving and being miserable, I would fly up there! Less wear and tear on the car, plus a more comfortable trip for me! While I am gone, Randy should be getting the few final touches together for Kylar's room (curtains, bookshelf, etc). There is not much left to do, thank goodness!! We got majority of it done this weekend. And we will be setting up her crib this week before I leave for Chicago!! I cannot wait! Her room is actually finally starting to come together as a nursery! And I could not be more proud of Randy and all the hard work he has been putting in! It is difficult because we rarely have a FULL weekend to work on the room. Normally just a few hours here and a few hours there. But slowly but surely, we have been making progress! Once we finish Kylar's room and lay the laminate flooring in the spare room, we are DONE with home repair projects until the spring! I am putting my foot down! When spring hits, it is on to repainting the living room, our bedroom and both bathrooms! Then eventually the outside will get tackled! Anyone know how to remove trees safely??
Here are a few belly pics we took 9/2. Which was exactly 31 weeks pregnant! Oh, and did I mention? Since starting this gestational diabetes diet Randy has been extremely supportive! He only eats what I am allowed to eat. And can you believe it? As I gain weight, he loses weight! What the hell!?!? It should be illegal for husbands to lose weight as their pregnant wives gain!! Maybe I should take a belly pic of him to show his progress!


Mrs. Grant said...

Eek look at those feet! If you breakdown and do the toilet whirlpool I cal;l being the flusher!

GreenLikeTheColor said...

oh my! You look ready to pop! Life must be so exciting for you.