Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ever since Mallorey and I found out we were having a baby girl, which was in mid-June, the makings of her nursery began. And just now, well, let's just say the title of this blog says it all. After working on her room a little bit here and a little bit there, the nursery is 100% finished and we are ready for Kylar Marin Burns to be here!

Some of you have seen what the old computer room "used" to look like. And you may have even cringed whenever you stepped on the stained carpet and got a whiff of the musty smelling room. It had a pale yellow color on all four walls with finished trim along the base boards and doorway. There was absolutely no way possible that we were going to allow our daughter to spend her early childhood days in an environment like that!

The computer room quickly changed to a nursery after I applied primer and three coats of "Hint of Cherry" which we picked up from Lowes. Have you ever walked out of a movie theater on a bright sunny day and squinted your eyes to block the sun until you made it to your car? This is somewhat of an exaggeration here, but that's kind of how I would describe the way this pink paint pops out at you. So right away Kylar's nursery began to take its form. The first change that was made was replacing the four electrical outlets and the light switch in the room. But, I must say the most time-consuming part of the entire room was replacing the original carpet with laminate flooring. I figured it was best to apply the paint to the walls before removing the carpet just in case I made any messes. Once the spare room is complete we will have hard wood flooring throughout. That in itself makes it feel like this house has undergone a total transformation but nothing quite like Kylar's room.
Next came the quarter round which didn't originally exist. Cutting the angles and doing the measuring was a headache from time to time, but definitely made the floors stand out around the perimeter of the room. Of course, Mal wouldn't let me get by with just painting the walls and putting down the new floors. No, that would have been all too simple. So I tackled the closet which was a an astounding 4 foot by 2 foot work area. I felt like Bruce Willis crawling through the air ducts in Die Hard. But nothing a father-to-be couldn't handle :)

The closet walls only needed one coat of Apple green and, of course, quarter round at the bottom. I even used my MIT engineering skills and built a two-sided box to cover up the water shut-off valves to the house that were so conveniently located in the back corner of Kylar's closet. Seriously? Who came up with these blue prints?! We finished out the closet by installing a new rod and Mal applied white contact paper to the shelving. We finished the painting with three or four coats of ultra white along all of the trim in the room. Mal had an idea for using curtains instead of closet doors. She brought up the idea one night and showed me an example online. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after looking at the finished product it looks fantastic. And we won't have to deal with the annoying noises that closet doors can make when they are opened and closed! Especially, when she gets older, if she is anything like her mother, and cannot find anything appealing she wants to wear haha.

Once the cosmetic portion of the room was done, it was time to furnish it and put the finishing touches on it. The crib is definitely the highlight of the furniture. We had actually purchased it months ago, just never had a nursery to put it in until now! Mal had an excellent idea of putting together a tall bookshelf in which she could put all of Kylar's dolls on. I couldn't believe how many dolls she was passing down to her! The last thing we did was hang a mirror that Mal made with Kylar's first and middle name across the top. It looks really nice! And the canvas art that Mal made looks very decorative above the crib.

It feels like a great accomplishment that Kylar's nursery is FINALLY done. And much like a nursery that needed a crib, we are FINALLY ready for our baby girl who will fill that crib :) Only 38 days or less. We simply cannot wait!!!

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