Thursday, March 5, 2009

DeBunking of "Oh What a Night"

Like Randy said, there were a few things that happened in his blog that were incorrect.
Let's make a list shall we!
  1. Shay and I did not turn down a pre-game shot. Our "significant others" did not offer one to us.
  2. The guys came to Marin's apartment to get the clues for the scavenger hunt/bar crawl. They were supposed to go to the statue outside of Wrigley THEN Harry Carey's. Instead, dear old Dad decided they should stop by a cheese steak place. He cannot pass them up. So, the cheese steaks probably would explain why Randy did not eat!
  3. I did not get "lost" in the bathroom. I made friends and was talking with them.
  4. Randy definitely tackled me to the floor! And I broke his fall!
  5. I did not kick anybody, anywhere!

As far as my party went, I will give a quick summary.
Katie and Marin did a great job. We started the night at Marin's apartment. Here are the people that made it: myself, Marin, Katie, Mom, Shay, Mandy, and Aunt Liz.
We started the night with champagne, baked brie, and other appetizers. Then moved right along to shaped jello shots and lollipops. Katie decked me out in a sash, pin, "condiment" covered veil, and boa.
From there we went to dinner at a great Mexican restaurant. I had a margarita bigger than my head!
After dinner we continued on the barcrawl til the last stop where we met up with the boys.
It was a great night. I wouldn't have changed anything about it.
Katie and Marin made the night amazing and I could not thank them enough.


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