Monday, March 16, 2009

The end of the beginning!

This past weekend was the last of the pre-wedding parties. I had my Louisville shower this weekend. Mandy (Randy sister) hosted the party with the help of their mom. It was so nice to have Randy's family support us as well. They people that were able to attend the shower were:
Mandy, Evelyn, Susan, Sara, Pat, Mom, Marin, and Shay. Unfortunately, due to a calendar mix-up, Mary was unable to attend.
The shower was great. We had quiches, pinwheels, veggies, chocolate cover strawberries, and baked brie. But best of all......mimosas!! I think mimosas are a shower staple! After we ate, we talked for a bit. Then Evelyn pulled out a game that I was less than great at. She found normal advertisements from magazines. Normal, as in, you would see on a regular basis and SHOULD know. Well, the game was that we had to write who manufactured the item. For example, Eggo waffles was the first one. I put Nabisco. WRONG! The answer was actually Kellogg's. There were 13 total. I got 7 wrong!!! I think I won as biggest loser! Mom actually won that game, she got 10 correct!!
I got a lot of wonderful gifts from everyone. It was a great day. I think one of the highlights though was what I did with Evelyn's gift to me! My future mother-in-law, thought it would be a great idea to give me a framed picture of Randy from when he was about 10 years old! He was so cute with a full, thick, head of hair! Well, I did not tell Randy about this picture. I placed the photo on a shelf facing the door, RIGHT BY the walkway to the kitchen! Randy walked past the picture multiple times without noticing it. Finally, wanting to see his reaction, I put my phone next to the photo and said, "What's wrong with my phone?" Randy looked at me like I was crazy. So I repeated myself. Then repeated it again until he finally reached over to grab my phone and FINALLY saw his picture! He thought it was great and while laughing at how "observant" he is, mom chimes in and says, "It's Buckie Burns!!" It was a great, especially since I always comment on his thought upon name! It was nice for someone else to say it so I can enjoy it! (No offense Bill and Evelyn, I am so glad you decided against Buckie!!)
The rest of the night went smooth as well. Randy decided to make us dinner as he said in a previous post. The dinner was great. He grilled salmon to perfection and made a rich Derby Pie.
It was a perfect way to end the wedding parties that lead up to the actual wedding!!

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