Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Remodeling!!

Like I had mentioned before, we had decided to do some remodeling. Well, we decided to do a little more. This time with the help of our friends, Nick and Shay. They decided as our wedding gift they would help us finish the work we had. And when I say finish, they actually did a lot of the work. We are not the best re-modelers. We would NEVER be able to flip houses!
It all started when the boys were out for Randy's "Louisville" bachelor party. Shay convinced me to tear down some ugly wallpaper and paint a wall in the living room. When Randy got home that night, he was less than thrilled. He had thought that we painted the wall. There was an ugly teal under the even uglier wall paper.
The next day, which was Sunday, the guys finished the floor while Shay and I ran to Home Depot to get some paint for the "ugly wall" and some other stuff we needed to finish the floors.
Along with the floors, the wall, the painting, they also helped us finish the cabinet faces for the kitchen. Randy and I thought it would be easier to spray paint the hinges instead of buying new ones. We apparently did not spray them correctly. I had to sand them all down and Shay spray painted them the right way. I never knew there was a right and wrong way to spray paint something.
We are on the 3rd straight day of working on the house. Hopefully it will be finished tonight.
It will be like a whole new house!

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