Thursday, March 5, 2009

We jumped on the bandwagon!

We finally decided to try this whole blogging thing. It is just too hard to keep in touch with everyone. So, we joined the bandwagon that is blogging!

As you all know, Randy and I are getting married in less than a month. Wedding planning is hard work and very time consuming. Especially since majority of it is DIY. I just now finished the vases for the centerpieces. Well almost. Some of it is perishable! We are getting really excited. Especially for our trip to Cancun! Randy has never been to Mexico. I went to Ixtapa a few years ago with Mom. It will be nice to be somewhere warm, sit on the beach, and enjoy married life before we go back to a "normal" life.

Aside from wedding planning, we have been doing major home remodel. Who remodels a house a month before they get married? Apparently Randy and I! Our kitchen was my least favorite spot in the house! I wanted to get on it right away. One day, out of pure impulse, we bought paint for the walls, trim and cabinets! Our kitchen went from a drab tan with brown cabinets to a bright peach with white cabinets. Randy says it makes him want to party! I just love how bright and open it is now. The white cabinets make a world of difference.

Before we even finished the kitchen, we decided to rip up the carpet and put laminate wood flooring down. Our "plan" was to start with the hallway and then AFTER the wedding, continue into the living room. That lasted a whole of about a day. We went back to Home Depot and bought another 13 cases to do the whole living room. That is definitely more so Randy's project. I cannot figure out how to click the planks together! Randy is doing a great job on it so far. We have half done with the living room. We have company coming in on the 13th. So we will have to get cracking next week to make sure everything is finished! I cannot wait for our house to be put back together!

Since so many of you are so far away, Randy and I decided to start blogging so everyone can be part of our lives. Keep checking back to see what's going on here in Louisville! Feel free to leave us comments! We would love to hear from you! And we cannot wait to see majority of you in April for the wedding!


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