Saturday, January 16, 2010

We bathed the dishes!!

A few week ago, I was doing my wifely duties trying to cook dinner for my husband. Then all of a sudden, the sink started to back up. There was no warning. No slow drainage. No odd items going down the drain. But, for some reason, the sink decided to rebel.
We tried just about everything. We plunged. We "Drano"ed. We took apart pipes. We used a plumbing snake or whatever. We put pipes together and took them apart a few more times. We tried more plunging. And more Drano. But nothing!!! Still a clogged sink!!

Well, in order to cook and eat, you need to use dishes. But, what happens when you do not have a sink do wash you dishes in?
That's easy....

You give your dishes a bath!!!

Now don't think I made Randy do all the dishes alone. He volunteered after I did the first bunch. After what you see on the towel, we decided it was better/easy to run the dishwasher and take buckets full of water outside. 

All in all, we decided that giving a baby a bath is much better than giving the dishes a bath. As you can see.....

This picture was just too cute to not share again!!

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melonbelly said...

HILARIOUS!! I love your pretty! :)