Thursday, January 21, 2010

A year in review!

We are now a couple weeks into the NEW YEAR and we are expecting this year to be an even better year than last year. Although, 2009 is going to be a hard year to beat!!
But before we get too far into the new year, here is a recap of 2009:

-Rang in the New Year with Nick and Shay
- Seasonal lay off
-Bridal Shower in Chicago
-Ice Storm that pretty much shut the city down
-Started remodeling the kitchen

-Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties in Chicago
-Valentine's Day dinner at Irish Rover (Yum)
-Went brunette
-Finished kitchen

-Bridal shower in Louisville
-St. Patty's Day dinner at Irish Rover
-More remodeling (Laminate through the house)
-Wedding planning
-Found out we were pregnant

-Back to work
-Told family we were pregnant
-Thunder over Louisville
-Clean up from ice storm FINALLY started!

-O.A.R. Concert
-Yard sale

-Randy's 29th
-Went to Chicago
-Found out we had a stubborn baby (see here)
-Picked names
-Found out we were having a girl

-4th of July at Jon and Mandy's
-Started working on Kylar's room
-Diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Wow....boring month!!

-Went to see Marin and Justin's first place together.

Wow....even more boring of a month

-Baby Shower in Chicago
-Football started
-Finished Kylar's room
-Swollen feet

I am starting to see a trend of doing less and less each month!

-Baby Shower in Louisville
-Turned 27
-Kylar was born
-Kylar was admitted into the NICU

-Kylar was discharged from the NICU
-Kylar's 1st Thanksgiving
-Went shopping for the first time with a baby
-Christmas tree shopping

-Mom and Collin came out
-Drove to Chicago with Wiley, Lola, and Kylar all in the Camry
-1st Christmas
-Bears kicked the Vikings butt!!
-New Year's Eve!!

I am not sure anything can beat 2009, but 2010 is definitely off to a great start!  I guess you will just have to come back next year to see!!

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Mrs. Grant said...

Aww I love that lots of things included us! :O)

I should totally do a year in review...however I don't remember too much of it! Maybe I will try!