Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When one door closes, look for that open window!!

Randy finished his last day at Citi on Thursday.  This was very exciting for not only him,  but for Kylar and me as well. Not only does this new job mean a better opportunity for Randy and a job that will make him happier, it also means he gets to be around for more of the evening with us! Therefore, no dinners late at night! We will be normal 6:30 diners! Thank goodness!!

To start off the long weekend, I decided to cave and let Randy bring home Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I am not a huge fan, but Randy loves them. So, after he left Citi for the last time, he headed straight to the restaurant to get carry out. And we had wings while we watched the typical Thursday night shows. Then ended the night with a champagne toast to celebrate the new start!

We pretty much lounged around Friday and did a whole lot of not a lot. Then Saturday we went to El Caporal for a group dinner to celebrate. Along with family, a few friends came out to celebrate as well. Not much better than a tasty margarita and some Mexican food!! YUM!!

We didn't bring the camera, but here are a few pics from Nick and Shay.

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