Friday, February 5, 2010

As requested: Ghost story

This is just going to be a quick story. But I figured, since I was asked, I would tell.
Let me tell you the grandparents first:
Grama- Dad's mom (living)
Grampa- Dad's dad (passed away when I was really young)
Gram- Mom's mom (passed away when I was in high school)
Grandad- Mom's dad (living)

I got a text message from my friend Katie after her and her mom left my baby shower (which was held at my parent's house). She asked if there was a lady staying at their house. I told her no and asked why. She said her mom saw an older lady while we were eating brunch. Her mom just assumed it was my other grandmother (she knew what my Grama looks like, but she never met my Gram). She thought it was strange that this lady just came down the stairs, looked into the living room but didn't join the group. But she just thought maybe she was napping or something. She didn't think anything of it until she asked Katie about it and Katie said my Gram had died a few years ago. I asked what the person looked like, and it sounded like a good enough description that matched my Gram. 

That following week, Katie asked me to send some pictures of my Gram to see if it really was my Gram that her mom saw. I found a few pictures online that were of a few different stages in her life. She said the lady looked more like the younger pictures, but it did look like the same woman.

But if you think about it....If you die, would you want to look like you did when you died, or how you would like to be remembered?
I personally would like to believe that we "end up" the way we are best remembered. Soldiers killed would be in their formal dress uniforms. Grandparents would be the way they were best remembered. Etc.

But anyway. That is the story. Not much too it. I thought it was very interesting. And I liked that my Gram made an appearance at her first GREAT- Granddaughter's shower! :)

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