Friday, February 19, 2010

Big Challenge for the Burns' Household!!!

I was reading one of the 20 something blogs I have bookmarked. And there was a guest post on one of the blogs by Mama Thompson. She mentioned something about a challenge of not eating out for a whole month. So, of course, I clicked the link and read about the conclusion of her challenge. Then I clicked on another link and read about the start of her challenge.

I got really excited and send Randy a text asking him to call me. Now, looking back, that probably wasn't such a good idea considering I am home without a car and he may have thought it was an emergency. But nothing I can do about that now. He called a couple minutes later. I had a feeling he would be on board, but I still wanted to ask. I asked if he wanted to do a "challenge" with me. He said with a little uncertainty in his voice, "Sure.....What's the challenge?"

See!! That is one of the reasons I love him so much!! He agreed without even knowing what the challenge was!!

THEN! When I told him what the challenge was, he got really excited and said, "Starting when? March 1st??" Might as well.  Then my database loving husband said something about making the menu for the month on the computer. And his grocery shopping hating wife said something about buying a months worth of meat and freezing it. Then he said it would be great to cut my grocery shopping time down, all I would have to get would be perishables! We were both completely on board and excited. He even asked what the blogger said about her experience, so I read it to him. He was even more excited!

So starting March 1st, we are not eating out. No carry out. No fast food. No restaurants! Not even Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursdays for Randy. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!!!

I am exciting about this b/c that means I will be forced to cook. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, but sometimes it is just easier to go out! I cannot wait to plan  our meals!

Wish us luck!
And to the people we got out to eat with a lot (Mainly Nick and Shay): Sorry! But you can come over to dinner instead if you want! 


Daisy said...

what a great challenage!! Good luck, keep us updated :-)

Mama Thompson said...

Wow...thanks! I'm SO excited that you all are going to do it. I'm trying to figure out another month here soon to give it a go again. I will definitely be following along to see how things go for you. My cousin has a great blog where she posts her weekly meal plans, recipes and her thoughts on the food...I have gotten a ton of ideas from her. Good luck!