Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1 year Anniversary plus egg decorating!

Sunday was mine and Randy's 1 year anniversary. It happened to fall on Easter Sunday. So we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate the night before. We went to this place called North End Cafe. I had curry chicken and Randy had chicken enchiladas. It was pretty good. Not sure if we will go back to that place again, but it was a nice change from eating in every night.
And when we got home, Kylar had her dinner of peas!! Little girl likes peas! I am not a fan, so she got that nasty taste from her daddy!!
Unfortunately, our leftover cake from the wedding was nasty, freezer burnt and disgusting. But before we even tasted it, I decided to get somewhat of a replica made from the bakery! So, we still got to have yummy cake to celebrate our marriage!
Since we went out to dinner, we were a little late on our normal night time routine. So, unfortunately, Kylar did not get to decorate eggs with us. But, we made sure to get some pictures to show her.
I wonder what will happen to these colored eggs???

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Sue said...

stopped by to say hi again. Happy Belated Anniversary.

I didn't even get to try my year old wedding cake - after saving it for 'almost' a year, my husband 'mistakenly' threw it out!

Your eggs came out nice.My husband actually likes to eat the hard boiled eggs or make them into egg salad. Hope you have a great day ♥