Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Pokey Little Puppy!

On Saturday Randy, Kylar, Mom and I met up with Katie and her boys at the Lake County Museum and went to the Golden Book Exhibit. It was so much fun.

The first area you walk through is a small gallery of some of the art work from the original books. A lot of the books I have not even heard of. It was really neat. I really like the way the old cartoon artwork looks. I like that it is hand made. Not all these computer graphics that have taken over! I unfortunately did not take any pics of the art. I should have. There was this one that had a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes. I think the baby looked like Kylar :)

After the art work, you come to this large open area. There were little "areas" dedicated to a bunch of different books.

There was a large puppy from The Pokey Little Puppy!! You could push a button and he would say part of the story. Kylar loved him. She just stared at him when he talked.

There was a dump truck you can slide down. I guess the book is called, "The happy man and his dump truck." At least that is what the wall said above the truck!

The next area we went to was "The Red Lemon" They had bean bags covered in lemons and you had to find the red lemon. It was a lot harder than it sounds. There was a lot of bean bags!! And while in there, Joey stole a little snuggle time with Kylar!!

Where was Josh, you ask???
He was a little preoccupied!!

While he played with the "choo choos", we made our way to the next room! It was an "Exploratory" room. It had nothing to do with the Golden Books, but it was still fun.
Next we went to a chalkboard room for the book, "The coloring Kittens". I don't know why I didn't get a picture, but, Joey wrote his name on the chalk board. And I wrote Kylar's name. Then I wrote "loves" between their names. It said, "Kylar loves Joey". Joey smiled. Then I added arrows to switch it to say, "Joey loves Kylar." Joey smiled, said yes, and ran away!!! Haha!! I love those little boys!!

And where was Josh???
Finally we were able to get Josh away from the trains. He played with the puppy for about....2.7 seconds!!
Then, the boys headed back to......
THE TRAINS!!! haha.

While they did that, we tried to get a picture of Kylar in the "I can Fly" area. That did not happen! This is what he got instead!

Then Kylar decided to join the boys at the train table!

It was a great day. Kylar got to spend some time with her Grammie and Katie, Josh and Joey!! It was a lot of fun!!

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Mrs. Grant said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Hope the rest of the trip to Chicago was just as fun...well of course we know how the ride home went :O(