Thursday, April 1, 2010

Challenge complete!!

We successfully completed our challenge to not go out to eat all month long!! That is 31 days of cooking meals and eating in! And let me just say, it was not that bad. We planned our meals for the week and we stuck to it!

Here is how we ended our month!

Monday- Wraps with leftover enchilada meat and roasted balsamic asparagus
Tuesday- Tamales and salad
Wednesday- Buffalo-Ranch chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese and cucumber tomato salad.

Our new challenge is to not eat any fast food!! We figured we went a month without it. It cannot be that hard! Randy said last night, as long as we do not have it "just once" we will be fine. B/c once we have it once, it will become a habit again. And, he is probably right.

So, after a month of eating in, what has changed??
-We saved a lot of money.
-Ate better
-Lost a little weight
-Spent more time at home
-Kylar starting eating dinner with us

Our goal after all this:
Only go out to eat once a month (Not including family birthdays out).

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Mama Thompson said...

Congratulations and GREAT JOB!!! Hope you can keep the goals up:)