Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter!! Picture heavy

I mentioned that we colored eggs for Easter. But what I did not mention was the Easter Bunny came and hid the eggs for Kylar and her Daddy to find!! Can you believe Randy doesn't remember ever doing an egg hunt!! That made me a little sad bc I have years of Easter Egg hunts that I remember. I even poured out my soul and told Randy that every year the 3 of us would be looking for eggs, always inside, and I would ALWAYS pout and give up b/c Marin and Collin would find all the eggs! It was so unfair! They had to cheat!

But anyways! So, Randy and Kylar shared their first ever egg hunts together!! I, of course, got inventory from the Easter Bunny so I knew where the eggs were!! Wouldn't want to lose one and find a spoiled egg a few months later!! But before we did that, we had to see what the Easter bunny brought in our baskets!!

After our egg hunt, we went over to Mimi and B.B's for Easter lunch. We brought dessert!!

There are a ton more pictures that I will be adding to shutterfly later today. The link is on the right if you need it.

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