Friday, March 5, 2010

5 question Friday!

My Little Life
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1. What's your guilty pleasure?
Hmmm.....I have to ask my husband..... He says "high school tv shows". Hahaha! Like Degrassi, 90210 (old and new), One Tree Hill (the re-runs, not this new crap), Secret Life etc.
I guess he is right. 
But I would say.....
Mcdonalds French Fries with no salt!! YUM!! I might just be saying that bc I know I will not have any for a long LONG time. But still. They are so yummy!!  

2. What is your favorite TV series?
Grey's Anatomy! I even got Randy hooked! I am not supposed to watch the new episodes without him. Like this week!! He had to work from home! BLAH!

3. Can you speak any foreign languages?
I used to be able to speak Spanish very well. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school. I really enjoyed it! Looking back....maybe I should have studied that in college! Maybe I would have done better! haha! 
But, lack of use has kind of ruined that. When we were in Cancun, I could speak enough of it to have simple conversations. That is one of the best things about Latinos! They are willing to help with conversation if you are willing to talk to them in THEIR native tongue. 

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
We just threw a ton away.... Let me go count!!
1 pair of slippers
and I will soon be buying a few pairs of flip flops and a pair of cute sandals, but that is besides the point. 

5. What's your favorite kind of M&M's...peanut, almond, straight up regular, etc.?
Lately it was the Dark Chocolate. But my favorite would be peanut, then almond. 

My Little Life

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