Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st means cooking in!

Today is the first day of our challenge to eat in all month long. We are very excited about it. Since we are eating in, Randy also wanted to incorporate "low carb" into our meals. I am only going semi low carb. We didn't research to see if it is safe for nursing, so I will stick with the gestational diabetes carb guidelines. But, I am going to have to learn what kinds of foods Randy wants for his lunches! I didn't make his lunch last night bc I don't know what he wants/needs. So we are supposed to go over "ideas" for his lunches tonight.

But anyway. Back to the dinners.
We decided to stick with basic meals that I already know how to cook for the first week. After this week, "the plan" is each of us picks a new recipe to try for the week. We each pick 3 meals and we have homemade pizza every Friday (need to find something to make this low carb!!).  Luckily, everything we picked out meat wise, we have in the freezer already! Thanks to Sam's Club and buying
in bulk :)  Does anyone know what that green box is one the bottom??

If anyone has any yummy, low carb, meal ideas, I would love to hear them. The spicier the better for Randy!

Wish us luck! Our first meal is Teriyaki salmon with spinach and asparagus! Yum! I wonder if Randy knows the sauce has carbs?? Shhh.....He picked it and it is already marinating! Neither of us thought of that! Oh well!


Mama Thompson said...

Yum on that salmon...can't really help you on that low/no carb thing since all my meals this week consist of pasta:)

Mrs. Grant said...

I think I see some thin mints! Wanna share! You know you do!! I have a really good spicy pork chop recipe. NUM NUM. Also like some egg bakes are good like quiches. I used to eat those a lot when cutting out "bad" carbs. Good luck!