Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy Baby Class!!

We had our first ever baby gym class today! It was a lot of fun! And Kylar liked it too!! It was just Kylar and one other little girl. The class is very new, so the instructor is not charging until he gets 4 kids enrolled!! So that was super good news!
Back to the class! I was a little nervous b/c Kylar is normally napping at this time, so I was not sure how she would do. But she behaved like such a big girl. It was very new to her. We have never done any classes or story times or anything yet. So she was a little bashful at first, but she got over that fast.

We started class off with some circle time exercises. We sang songs and stretched. Then we danced a little. We danced and "Popped" to Pop Goes the Weasel. But it was not the version of the song that I remember growing up. This one did not have a mulberry bush??!!?? After that, we did some tummy time. Then it was "free time". We were told to take our baby and explore and play. There were slides, trampolines, balance beams, balls, mats, EVERYTHING!! And we of course had to try everything. Especially the trampoline, which Kylar loved!!!

Then the instructor said it was time for a ride! So, in she went intp the sled and she got a ride around the gym!

Next we got to roll on this big tube thing! Forward, back, forward, back! Well, the computer is being screwbally!! So, we only have forward pics! Hopefully I can get the others uploaded later!
Then, we played in the balls. Yucky I know!! But I sanitized her afterward!!
Then, we ended class with a few more songs and a story! It was so much fun and we cannot wait to go back next week!!

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