Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Challenge-Coming to an end!

A little over a week left in our challenge.  And no cheating on either part. Whoohoo for us!!

We have tried 2 new recipes just in the past week. We had Honey Lime enchiladas. And let me just say....YUMMY!!! They were so good. Next time I need to get a spicier enchilada sauce. We just used Kroger brand, but I am sure if I look, I can find something with more of a kick. And the left over meat was really good in a wrap. I am even making it again this weekend when my parents come into town.
 And last night we had this sausage and pasta dish that was on a Johnsonville coupon. It was sausage, onion, tomato, broccoli tossed with pasta. It was good. But I think it needed a little more of a kick to it. The sausage was spicy, but that is it. Maybe next time I will saute the onions and garlic with some crusted red pepper flakes or something.

The rest of the week looks like this:
Wednesday- Breakfast for dinner
Thursday- chicken, probably buffalo flavored.
Friday- Pizza
Saturday- Burgers, real burgers, not the frozen turkey burgers we normally eat.

And for Daisy who asked last week:
Saturday for lunch we had chicken. On Sunday we had sandwiches, pretzels and a cheese stick.
This weekend lunch will be sub sandwiches, made by my dad. He makes really good subs. And Sunday, I am not sure. I will let my parents decide.

Not sure what we will be having Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Any ideas of how to end our month of dining in?? And ya know, know that I think of it. We might as well plan dinner for Thursday too. Since we know we are having pizza Friday and Saturday we are going out to eat for our anniversary.

Speaking of....anyone have any ideas for where we should go to dinner on Saturday?

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