Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Challenge- Half way point and home renovations!

We are officially half way done with our challenge.
And ya know, it seems like it is getting easier!! Meals at home have been better than ever. We are adding new twists onto old favorites.  Trying new things here and there. 

We stuck to last weeks meals to a "t", except Sunday.  Randy was renovating the bathroom til pretty late. We ended up having grilled cheese sandwiches! We only have a few meals planned out so far this week. I am trying to switch grocery shopping from Mondays to Thursday, so I need to plan meals all the way up to next Wednesday. But here is what we have so far:
Monday- BBQ chicken with roasted potato and garlic green beans
Tuesday- Bunless sloppy joes, rice, and brussel sprouts
Wednesday- Corned beef and baked cabbage (Thanks for the idea, AJ :)
Thursday- probably just left overs
Friday- Pizza Friday

We are having friends over Saturday, so we are going to try a new recipe I have seen all over "blog world". Honey Lime enchiladas!! I have seen it on 4 different blogs just this week, so it has to be yummy, right?

Onto the home renovations.
Randy has been wanting to re-do the spare bathroom since he first bought the house. And finally, we are tackling that project. Since it is Randy's project, I will let him tell the story. But, we will definitely not be getting to that until Sunday. I will say, it looks amazing already!! I cannot wait to see the finished room!! Pictures and Randy's story to come!!!

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Mama Thompson said...

Good for you....the second half of the month is even easier...and sounds like you all are eating good! Can't wait to see pics of the bathroom!