Monday, March 8, 2010

Challenge-8 days down!

Our challenge has been great so far!! We have both already lost a little bit of weight! I believe Randy is 5lbs lighter and I am 3-4, depending on the day. Which happens to be 5 lbs less than my pre pregnancy weight! Crazy how when you are eating out all the time, you do not realize how many extra calories you are consuming. And I have really enjoyed cooking every night.

Let's see if I can remember what we had all week!
Monday- Salmon
Tuesday-  Meatloaf with veggies.
Wednesday- Sausage with tomatoes, onions, and cabbage.
Thursday- Shrimp and veggies
Friday- Low carb Pizza
Saturday- Low carb Pizza again (I forgot to take the tuna steaks out of the freezer....oops)
Sunday- Tuna steaks with Wasabi and soy sauce, veggies and rice
Tonight- We will be having Swedish meatballs and veggies.

The only time I have been tempted to pick something up while I was out was Thursday! Only because I locked myself out of the house and I was dying of thirst! lol. It took everything out of me not to swing through the drive thru and get a drink on our way to Shay's house. But, I was able to resist!

Our plan of each picking 3 meals a week has been working out pretty well.
This week our picks are:
Chicken breast

turkey burgers
homemade boneless (non breaded) wings. Really just chicken breast chucked and sauteed with wing sauce!! lol.

I am trying to get Randy to be a little more adventurous with his meal picking. I am encouraging him to pick something from a cookbook we have or look online. But when he says stuff like chicken, maybe I will just have to find a yummy new side dish to try.

Well. I think we are off to a good start so far. I need to go to the store at some point this week. I cannot wait til Kylar is a little bigger and can sit in the cart (obviously with a cute little cart cover to keep her entertained and keep germs away).
I will update with this weeks progress next week!


Daisy said...

Sounds exciting!! I have also found plain old chicken breast can get old quick. But there are SOOO many dishes out there with chicken! What are you eating for lunch? I always find that the hard one not to go out and eat on the weekends.

Mallorey said...

Lunch was easy this weekend. I was gone Saturday so Randy had PB&J and a few other things and I had leftovers when I got home. And Sunday we had a late breakfast and early dinner. I am not sure what we will do this weekend. Maybe left overs....or sandwiches or something easy.